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Advance Framing

Simple/standard framing involves building square walls and leveled floors. Advanced framing requires putting together more complex angles, curves, or joints; each of these require different techniques. Our workers here at Tilia Developments can perform both types of advanced framing jobs with the utmost perfection and patience.

There’s two kinds of advanced framing. The first being a method where a house is being framed with the objective of using the least amount of wood as possible. This requires a very precise planning between how the floor, walls, and roof are framed. The single frame structures will seem a bit unsteady, but when everything to create the framed house are brought together it’ll create a very strong foundation.


Tilia Development consists of both hands-on and behind the desk groups with many years of carpentry and framing experience to meet your home building needs. The team is focused on serving as a helpful aid towards the consumer by supplying them with our best assets on site to work on your new house in an efficient and easily laid out plan. Our services include: wooden frames, metal frames, standard and advanced framing, roof framing and a multi-lingual staff servicing in both English and Spanish. We hire the best, we send the best! Call us or visit our location and let’s build your dream home!

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